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This website is dedicated to providing support and information to the transgender community and to people who are being introduced to the community. I decided to build this website as a way for me to explain to my Mom what being transgender is about.

One of the goals of this website is to provide advice and resources to those individuals who are serious about their "gender journey" but are not necessarily planning on transitioning to living fulltime as a woman. Another goal is to provide simple, easy-to-understand explanations of various gender issues as well as point to support groups, online resources and recommended books and products. Of course, my thoughts and experiences, as well as those from others in our community, will be presented to provide a personal perspective. Finally, this website will provide a means to pass along advice and help to others in the transgender community.

Most-recently, I have added or updated several pages, such as Proper Etiquette when dealing with the transgender, Getting Started with Crossdressing, Why You Need A Support Group and Finding Your Female Voice as well as the latest happenings in Conferences and Events such as the Fantasia Fair conference.

T-Zone Award I am delighted to say that this site has been recognized as a recipient of the "The Transgender Zone Site Award." This award is presented by The Transgender Zone for providing "good support and positive images of transgender people" and this site is seen "as a valuable resource for the transgender community worldwide."

I would appreciate your feedback on this site. My contact information can be found on the Contact Me page. Also, I would greatly appreciate you rating this site, regardless of how good or poor you may think it is:

~Jamie Dailey