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Recommended Websites

Being a computer junkie and being transgender, I have come across a great many websites on the Internet that are of interest to many transfolk. Here are several in which I felt provided good information and/or services.

Beck's Cafe
Rebecca Aine's excellent blog of "chit chat on life, gender, technology & our world."

Classic Curves International
This is Espy Lopez's company that produces custom made body-enhancing foundation garments for crossdressing. These are simply the best hip pads that you will find. I have yet to find someone who has purchased "Veronica" hip pads who didn't think that they were the best she has ever worn.

Deep Stealth Productions
Deep Stealth produces entertainment and educational content across several media, with a focus on issues related to gender. They also work to provide more accurate and positive portrayals of transgender people, and to give a voice to transgender actors and entertainers who are frequently relegated to roles which are demeaning stereotypes. Their DVD Finding Your Female Voice, which was featured in the film "Transamerica" with Felicity Huffman, is an outstanding tool for just what the title says - finding your female voice.

DiStefano Hair Restoration Center DiStefano Hair Restoration Center
This is the group that I had do hair transplants. They came very well recommended to me and are "trans-friendly." I was very pleased with their work and I am sure that you will be too.

Fantasia Fair Fantasia Fair
Fantasia Fair is a week-long transgender event held every October in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The Fair offers workshops and programs during the day and special events each night. Unlike most other conferences, the Fair is not hotel-based. Instead, the events and activities are held throughout the tourist district of this LGBT-friendly town. You may find yourself attending a morning workshop in the meeting room of one inn, attend a luncheon down the street, listen to an afternoon lecture a block away at hotel, go get your nails done at the salon next door, grabbing a change of clothes back at your bed & breakfast, and then off to a banquet hall for a formal gala! It may sound like it is all just a bit public - and it is! That is actually one of the best things about the Fair. Provincetown is considered a GLBT Mecca whose main industry is arts and tourism. There are a great many townsfolk who are gay, lesbian, or transgender and they are really serious about making sure that no one is harassed. The people of Provincetown love us and make each of us feel welcome.

Financial Aid for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender Students
A listing of National, regional and school-specific scholarships for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students.

Find an Electrologist by the American Electrology Association
Use this online database to find an electrologist near you.

Go to for trans and gender radio and resources Gender Vision
GenderVision seeks to inform and inspire positive social change by presenting quality educational video programming about gender diversity and social justice issues.

Hair Facts
One of the most comprehensive sites that deals with the topic of hair removal.

HIV: Find a Testing Site Near You!
Approximately one-fourth of the people in the US infected with HIV don't know it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an online search form to find HIV anonymous and free testing centers across the United States. Take the test, take control.

International Bra Size Calculators and Converters
This site offers free online international bra size calculator and converter. Whenever you need to know your bra size in an international sizing format other than that used in your country, the bra size converters found on these pages will help you.

Mariette Pathy-Allen
Mariette has been a professional photographer, writer and speaker on, and on behalf of, the TG community since 1978. She is the author of Transformations: Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them and The Gender Frontier, which won a 2004 Lambda Literary Award. Her contributions have been seen in numerous books, magazines, films, and on television as well as in national and international art collections. I have had the pleasure of Mariette's talents for two photoshoots. You can see some images of these photoshoots in my Gallery page.

Namoli Brennet
Namoli is a Tucson-based songwriter who I have had the pleasure of hearing live a number of times. She is 3-time Outmusic award nominee who's been featured in Performing Songwriter Magazine, The Advocate and the Chicago Free Press. If you have heard Namoli Brennet's work, you know just how intense, passionate, and gifted of a performer she is. If you haven't heard her, you can experience a bit of her effect by visiting her website.

Remembering Our Dead
A website dedicated to preserving the memory of transgender individuals murdered by hate and killed by predjudice.

Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry
Many people have asked me where I got that fabulous magenta gown. It is actually a custom-made corset with a matching ballroom skirt (made with 8 yards of material!!) and shawl from Ann Grogan’s group "Romantasy." Every gal should experience the wonderful hug of a corset created specifically for her.

Safe2Pee is a directory of "gender neutral bathrooms, unisex restrooms, and accessible toilets." Just enter a city and state and the web site will lists any gender neutral bathrooms in that city. The listing includes maps to facilitate finding a restroom in time of need. The Safe2Pee website also supports Internet-capable phone browsers.

TransFM Internet Broadcasting Network TransFM
TransFM Internet Broadcasting Network, the brain child of Ethan St.Pierre, offers informational talk shows about gender, transgender issues and politics.

Transgender Legal Support by Phyllis Randolph Frye
Transgender Legal is the official web site for Phyllis Randolph Frye, Esq., of Houston, Texas, USA. This site includes most of the two-plus decades of her writings and other items that she has produced in her quest for individual freedom and for freedom of her people.

Transsexual Woman's Resources by Anne Lawrence M.D., Ph.D
The Transsexual Women's Resources web site is a highly regarded website "providing factual information, informed opinion, and personal narrative" with a focus on the transsexual woman.

TS Roadmap
If you are a transsexual, or would like to learn about transsexuals, this website provides a tremendous amount of information about moving from a life in the role of one gender into a life in the role of another. Topics include legal issues such as changing your driver's license, breast augmentation surgeries, facial feminization surgeries, hormone replacement therapies, and sexual reassignment surgeries.